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Associated Recyclers of  Wisconsin

Projects & Partnerships

Although every Wisconsin community recycles paper, cans and bottles, recycling requirements still vary across the state. This might cause confusion, but by knowing who to ask for clarifications you can rest assured that you are recycling right.

If you have a landlord, be sure to ask their process. If you are in a house, call your local recycling authority to find out what materials can be recycled and how to prepare them for collection or drop off.

Wisconsin Integrated Resource Management Conference (WIRMC)                               Join us Feb. 28 - Mar. 1, 2024!  


Learn from industry-changing thinkers and innovators in the Solid Waste & Recycling community

The Wisconsin Integrated Resource Management Conference is jointly hosted by the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW), the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) - Badger Chapter, and the Wisconsin Counties Solid Waste Managers Association (WCSWMA).

This partnership has allowed professionals from all aspects of the solid waste & recycling industry to collaborate and learn from one another.

Join us as a sponsor, a presenter, an exhibitor, or an attendee. No matter how you attend you don't want to miss Wisconsin's premier solid waste & recycling conference!

Waste and Materials Management Study Group (WI Dept. of Natural Resources)

The Waste and Materials Management Study Group is a stakeholder working group formed in 2016 by the DNR's Waste and Materials Management Program. The group serves as a forum for the program to receive input from, and provide information to, stakeholder organizations.  AROW was invited to be an active stakeholder with this study group, and selects an interested member to participate on the organization's behalf.  

The study group provides the Waste and Materials Management Program with constructive feedback on policy and technical issues and works collaboratively with DNR staff to find workable solutions.

FORWD - The Future of Wisconsin's Recycling Development

In an effort to improve the quantity and quality of recyclable materials from residential, commercial, institutional and industrial sources, any revised statute or regulation should reflect waste generation trends, encourage innovation, allow adaptability to a changing marketplace, reward performance through accountability measures and maximize the amount of materials diverted to productive use.  2016 FOWRD Report.pdf

Numerous AROW Members served on the original committee. 

In collaboration with the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) - Badger Chapter and the Wisconsin Counties Solid Waste Management Association (WCSWMA), we are excited to bring you a new edition of the award-winning educational series Into The Outdoors. "Becoming Stewards: Uncovering the Solid Waste Story."

This video raises awareness of the solid waste industry within Wisconsin. Click on the link above to view!

Glass Taskforce

The AROW Glass Taskforce mission was to research, evaluate and prepare recommendations on market-based, technical and regulatory solutions along with implementation strategies for container glass recycling in Wisconsin. 

The goals and objectives included:

  • Research, understand, and present industry standards and specifications for glass grades.

    • Compare quality/quantity desired versus quality/quantity available.

    • Determine technological options to meet end-market specifications.

  • Evaluate beneficial reuse options for mixed container glass.

    • Review and report on cullet and non-cullet recycling and beneficial use options.

  • Evaluate current and identify potential end-markets.

    • Determine possible solutions with funding/grants.

    • Discuss options for additional research in collaboration with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for By-Product Utilization.

  • Research and summarize state and national glass recycling programs, markets and beneficial reuse to support taskforce recommendations.

    • Review and report on collection and source separation, bottle bills, mandatory recycling, end-   markets,landfill uses, aggregate and all other relevant programs.

    • Summarize results, environmental impacts, and relevant regulations.

  • Develop recommendations with strategies and regulatory/statutory requirements.

Glass Taskforce Recommendations - Click Here

November 28, 2016 Press Release - Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin (AROW) Recommend Actions to Improve Glass Recycling

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